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ALLPCB Acquired A Round of Financing of Nearly 100 Million RMB

2020-04-24  ALLPCB Team

On April 24, the electronic industry Internet platform ALLPCB announced the completion of the round A financing of nearly 100 million RMB, led by Vision capital, followed by the old shareholder Galaxy venture capital, and holding capital continued to serve as the Financing Consultant of this round.



After obtaining 30 million pre-A round of financing from galaxy venture capital in September 2019, in just over half a year, ALLPCB has again won the capital favor by virtue of its own strength. This shows that in spite of the uncertain economic situation in 2020 and the cold winter of capital, high-quality electronic industry internet platform enterprises can still get the favor of capital.


Why is ALLPCB favored by capital?


It is reported that ALLPCB was founded in April 2015. In June 2017, it transformed from the electronic component matching trade line to the "Internet plus manufacturing industry", and cut through the circuit board prototype. In May 2019, ALLPCB transformed to platform, and took the lead in proposing the concept of collaborative factory in the industry.


As the foundation of a country and a powerful country, the healthy development of the manufacturing industry is related to the overall economic development. As a high-quality collaborative intelligent manufacturing platform, ALLPCB is committed to building an electronic information industry collaborative manufacturing service ecosystem, focusing on serving manufacturing enterprises in consumer electronics, communication equipment, industrial control, instrumentation, intelligent hardware, Internet of things, industry 4.0 and other fields. Providing professional PCB customization, SMT, component procurement and distribution, and other one-stop services.


ALLPCB integrates technology with the manufacturing industry, independently develop intelligent pricing system, intelligent production scheduling system, intelligent delivery system, and other systems, and rely on big data, Internet of things, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and other technologies to realize intelligent matching, intelligent production scheduling, and intelligent monitoring, so as to make the factory full of digital, information, networking and intelligent. With the help of technology, ALLPCB shortens the traditional 7-10 days delivery period to 24 hours and increases the per capita output value by three times.


Meanwhile, the Wuji system of ALLPCB is the central brain. Through the unified reception and distribution of the front desk, the centralized production and sharing are realized. In the future, 10000 collaborative manufacturing plants will be integrated to provide fast, provincial and good supply chain services for more than 100000 OEM and ODM electronic industry plants. Through collaborative manufacturing, improving the production efficiency and supplying chain efficiency of the electronic industry, reducing transaction and production costs, intelligent manufacturing system will enable the innovation and development of small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises.


At present, China's manufacturing structure is in the period of adjustment. ALLPCB constantly embraces change, technology, new infrastructure and steady development of the platform. In February this year, ALLPCB was rated as a "national high-tech enterprise" and gained the recognition of the industry and users.

ALLPCB has cooperated with more than 120,000 users in more than 130 countries and regions, providing more than one million services in total. Among them, ALLPCB has established cooperative relations with well-known enterprises such as Huawei, DJI, Toshiba, and Tesla.


ALLPCB acquired a financing valued nearly 100 million. For the purpose of financing funds, ALLPCB CEO Zhou Bangbing expressed , the funds will be invested in the three major parts of technology R & D, supply chain system and market. In the future, the manufacturing industry will tend to be regionally ecological, and then be re-scaled after division of labor. With the "flexible platform + rigid factory" model, rapid delivery will fully meet personalized needs. This is an important development idea for the future reform of the manufacturing side. Through the collaborative manufacturing platform, ALLPCB has broken the information island status of the electronic manufacturing industry and deeply integrated the industry resources. The goal is to become Foxconn serving small and medium-sized enterprises.


Chen Hongliang, a partner at Vision Capital, said that in the context of the new infrastructure, the domestic PCB industry will usher in a wave of new growth, while the industrial adjustment (the overall industrial belt relocation, etc.) also brings structural opportunities.


Through the integration of front-end system orders, highly automated engineering processing, and back-end factory digitization, ALLPCB forms an efficient industrial route for the PCB industry, which makes the front-end more dispersed and personalized, and forms an efficient link with the back-end assembly supply chain.


ALLPCB’s efficient and integrated digital solution is not only a new fulcrum of the PCB industry, but also greatly expands the supply chain capacity boundaries and sensitive response. Vision Capital is very optimistic that the ALLPCB team will bring new breakthroughs in the PCB industry in the future.


In addition, Rao Huigang, a partner of Galaxy Ventures, said that ALLPCB's sales in March this year hit a record high, and its digital order and digital production system created huge value. He is deeply optimistic about the founders' practical ability in the field of industrial Internet. With the help of digital system to link more collaborative factories, through the data fusion of IT information layer and production control layer, the delivery time of supply chain can be greatly shortened and the delivery efficiency can be improved.


Pan jinzhao from Zhonglu Capital, one of ALLPCB's earliest angel investors said that he is firmly optimistic about the deep understanding of ALLPCB team to the electronic industry, and the ability to integrate information technology and other industries in depth. ALLPCB's team has fully demonstrated its vitality and resilience in the past few years. The ALLPCB team has a very deep understanding of the electronics industry and has the ability to deeply integrate information technology with the industry. The reshaping and optimization of the ALLPCB’s industrial chain has greatly improved the efficiency of industrial resource allocation and is expected to contribute more to the overall competitiveness of the industry.


In the future, ALLPCB will continue to take “Make the industry more efficient, make life better” as its corporate mission, and take “Serve 1 million electronic engineers and help 100,000 companies achieve better profitability” as its vision, and allow more manufacturing companies to integrate into the collaborative manufacturing service ecosystem of the electronic information industry, achieve efficient and high-quality development through collaboration.


This financing is a new starting point for ALLPCB, and the platform will usher in a new round of development. ALLPCB will continue to work intensively in the manufacturing industry, and cooperate with colleagues in the industry to build a community with a common future for the electronics industry.



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