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ALLPCB's Factory & Shipment Arrangement During National Day Holiday




Dear ALLPCB Users,


The National Day Holiday is approaching (1st Oct. - 7th Oct.), please check the holiday schedule of ALLPCB below and arrange your orders in advance.



PCB, SMT Factory & Component Warehouse  

The factory and component warehouse will be off from 1st Oct. to 3rd Oct.

The production will back to normal from 4th Oct.


Shipping Arrangement



The DHL express pick-up service will be off from 1:00 p.m. 30th Sept. to 7th Oct.



FedEx express pick-up service will be off from 1st Oct. to 3rd Oct. (whole day), and will be available every morning from 4th Oct. to 7th Oct. (half day)


All shipping services will back to normal from 8th Oct.



Customer Service

Customer service will be available from 4th Oct. to 7th Oct.

For any urgent query, please feel free to contact your dedicated sales at any time.





Brief Introduction of Chinese National Day

The People's Republic of China (PRC) observes its anniversary on October 1st. China's National Day has been celebrated in various ways during the history of the PRC.

In China, the holiday is officially three days, but the holidays are usually extended by bridge holidays compensated by working on weekends depending on how the holiday falls in the week. This creates a so-called 'Golden Week' of holidays. This makes it the second-largest holiday period in China. This approach was introduced in 2000 to help boost domestic tourism and to allow families to make long journeys to visit relatives, though unlike most Chinese holidays, National Day doesn't come with any obligations to visit your family.

In 2019, about 782 million people travelled during the National Day holiday, with 30.5% doing so by car, according to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.



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