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PCB ManufacturingCategory: PCB

PCB manufacturing consists of many steps, such as PCB CAM, Panelization, Copper patterning, etc. This group is mainly talked about the problems during PCB manufacturing!

Last Activity: 2020/5/4 7:19:14

2020/5/4 7:19:14sphawes:

Using PCBs as Mechanical Parts

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PCB Assembly ServiceCategory: PCB Assembly

In assembly the bare board is populated with electronic components, called a "printed circuit board assembly" (PCBA). In through-hole technology, the component leads are inserted in holes surrounded by conductive pads; In surface-mount technology (SMT), the component is placed on the PCB so that the pins line up with the conductive pads or lands on the surfaces of the PCB.

Last Activity: 2019/10/22 2:04:13

2019/10/22 2:04:13aaaa:

My Full Review and Experience with ALLPCB

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PCB Industry InformationCategory: PCB

This Group provides continually the latest information on the most recent trends, forecasts and analysis in the printed circuit board space.

Last Activity: 2017/9/27 15:42:23

2017/9/27 15:42:23jack:

teach you how to distinguish the genuine of tantalum capacitor

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Component LearningCategory: Electronic Components

Electronic components are basic electronic element or electronic parts usually packaged in a discrete form with two or more connecting leads or metallic pads. Electronic Components are intended to be connected together, usually by soldering to a printed circuit board (PCB), to create an electronic circuit with a particular function.

Last Activity: 2019/7/30 14:47:37

2019/7/30 14:47:37Steina:

Difference between PCB and Integrated Circuit

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PCB Design RulesCategory: PCB

Initially PCBs were designed manually by creating a photomask on a clear mylar sheet, usually at two or four times the true size. Starting from the schematic diagram the component pin pads were laid out on the mylar and then traces were routed to connect the pads. If you have many questions of PCB Design, please come here!

Last Activity: 2019/7/30 11:39:08

2019/7/30 11:39:08pmiotto:

The Common Interface Types Used in Electric Circuit

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Solder PasteCategory: PCB Assembly

Solder paste is a material used in the manufacture of printed circuit boards to connect surface mount components to pads on the board. It is also possible to solder through hole pin in paste components by print solder paste in/over the holes.

Last Activity: 2019/1/23 17:57:15

2019/1/23 17:57:15Mauro Del Signore:

Application of PCB Surface Welding Resistance Layer

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PCB LayoutCategory: PCB

The connections on a PCB should be identical to its corresponding circuit diagram, but while the circuit diagram is arranged to be readable, the PCB layout is arranged to be functional, so there is rarely any visible correlation.

Last Activity: 2019/7/29 16:34:05

2019/7/29 16:34:05Toni:

How to Design Vias in PCB Layout?

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BGACategory: Electronic Components

A ball grid array (BGA) is a type of surface-mount packaging (a chip carrier) used for integrated circuits. BGA packages are used to permanently mount devices such as microprocessors. A BGA can provide more interconnection pins than can be put on a dual in-line or flat package. The whole bottom surface of the device can be used, instead of just the perimeter.

Last Activity: 2017/5/9 22:42:07

2017/5/9 22:42:07Javier Martínez:

BGA Rework Methods and Machine

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EagleCategory: PCB

EAGLE is a scriptable electronic design automation application with schematic capture, printed circuit board layout, auto-router and computer-aided manufacturing features. EAGLE stands for Easily Applicable Graphical Layout Editor. This group will talk about the problems of using PCB software---Eagle.

Last Activity: 2019/1/17 14:11:47

2019/1/17 14:11:47Shahzad Rafiq:

Preliminary Analysis of Impedance Control of PCB

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PCB EquipmentsCategory: PCB

All of the pcb manufacturing equipments is supposed to provide high quality PCB assembly solutions for high mix, small to medium batch requirements.The manufacturing facilities should be continously invested to increase efficiency and maintain product quality.

Last Activity: 2017/5/22 18:02:49

2017/5/22 18:02:49cernatescu victor:

Routine equipment maintenance and methods

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