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Holiday Notice:
ALLPCB factory will be closed from October 01, 2020 to October 03, 2020 for National Day. You can place order as usual, but delivery time may be adjusted. See details.


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Standard Capability



1-6 layers

1-6 layers PCB prototypes


Taiyo Ink

White Ink: Taiyo 2000 Serie

Green Ink: Taiyo 07 Serie 



CEM-1(Kingboard KB5150

FR-4(Shengyi S1141,  Shengyi S1000H,  Shengyi S1000-2M,  Kingboard KB6160

Aluminum (Goldenmax GL11 , Guangzhou Aluminum)


Shengyi TG140

Kingboard TG130

Goldenmax TG130

Shengyi TG140 / TG150 / TG170

Kingboard TG130 / TG135 / TG150

Goldenmax TG130

Heat Conductivity for Alu. boards




Class 3(CTI≥175V)


Surface Finish

HASL, immersion gold, OSP

HASL is not acceptable for 0.4mm board.

Solder Mask:


Green ,Red, Yellow, Blue, White ,Black

No extra charge (Green, White)

Silkscreen Color:


Green ,Red, Yellow, Blue, White ,Black

No extra charge (Green, Black, White)

Maximum Dimension


1/2  layers: 650x520mm

4/6 layers: 640x480mm

Dimension Tolerance 


±0.15mm for CNC routing

±0.15mm for V-scoring



1-2 layers: 0.4-2.4mm

4 layers: 0.8-2.4mm

6 layers: 1.2-2.4mm

Thickness  Tolerance

 ( t≥1.0mm)

± 10%

Normally take positive tolerance due to PCB processing steps such as electroless copper, solder mask and other types of finish on the surface.

Thickness Tolerance

( t<1.0mm)


Normally take positive tolerance due to PCB processing steps such as electroless copper, solder mask and other types of finish on the surface.

Min Trace


Minimum trace width is 4mil, strongly suggest to design trace above 6mil (0.15mm) to save cost.

Min Spacing


Minimum trace spacing is 4mil, strongly suggest to design trace above 6mil (0.15mm) to save cost.

Finished Outer

Copper Thickness

1 oz/ 2oz


Thickness of outer copper foil is 1oz or 2oz

1 oz=35um,2 oz=70um

Finished Inner

Copper Thickness

1 oz (35um)

Thickness of inner copper foil is 1 oz.

Bow and Twist

Per cater-corner length,≤0.75%

For boards without SMT, the max. 1.5%

Drill Size


For vias larger than 6.5mm, multiple drilling or milling is recommended

PTH Deviation



NPTH Deviation



Hole Position Deviation



Hole Wall Roughness(Max)



Min Slot Width


For HASL, the min. finished slot width is 0.45mm,for other surface finish, it is 0.5mm.

Board Thickness/Via Diameter


7:1≤value≤8:1, add one more day for fabrication

PTH Deviation (Width)



PTH Deviation (Length)



NPTH Deviation (Width)



NPTH Deviation (Length)



Hole Wall Copper Thickness (Thinnest)



Hole Wall Copper Thickness (Average)



Via Space (Same Net)



Via Space (Different Net)



Min Space for Component Vias in Different Net



Max. PTH (Round Hole)



Max. PTH (Round Slot Holes)



Annular Ring


It doesnt limit the size of the single side of the annular ring if there is enough space.

Or annular ring surrounded by traces should be equal to or larger than 6mil.

Finished Hole

Diameter (CNC)


Due to the copper attached to the inner wall of the hole, the diameter of the finished hole is generally smaller than designed.

Hole Size Tolerance (CNC)


e.g. For the 0.6mm hole, the finished hole size between 0.525mm to 0.675mm is acceptable.

Solder Mask

Photosensitive ink

Photosensitive ink is mostly adopted. Plastisol is used in the inexpensive paper-based boards.


Min Character Width (Legend)


Characters width less than 0.15mm will be unidentifiable.

Min Character Height (Legend)


Characters height less than 0.8mm will be unidentifiable.

Character Width to Height Ratio (Legend)


1:5 is the most suitable ratio for production.

Distance between Trace and Outline


Ship as individual boards: Distance between Trace and Outline ≥0.3mm

Ship as Panelized boards with V-cut: Distance between Trace and V-cut line ≥0.4mm

Panelization without Spacing


Ship as Panelized boards and the spacing between boards is 0mm.

Panelization with Spacing


Make sure the spacing between boards should be ≥1.6mm, otherwise it will be hard to process routing.

Half Hole Diameter

Minimum Half hole Diameter: 1mm, No more than 10 holes.

Half hole is a special technology, so half hole diameter should be greater than 1mm. 

Solder Mask Bridge


Please make a note, if there is solder mask bridge requirement. The price may rise.