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Panel For Example Panel For Example Panel For Example


Board SizeMin(pcs)1*0.5mm
Max (Pnl Size)250*1200mm
Base Material Thickness0.06——0.3mm
Board Thickness0.1-0.5mm
Base Copper Thickness1/3OZ——2OZ
PTH Hole Wall Copper Thickness8-20μm
Blind Hole Filling Capacity Aspect Ratio (Hole Size: Hole Depth)01:10:00
Blind Hole Filling Capacity (Hole Size)50-150μm
Single Line Impedance Tolerance±10%
Differential Impedance Tolerance±10%
Min Track/Spacing (Double Layers Board)Surface Copper Thickness:8-14μm40/40 um
Surface Copper Thickness:15-20μm45/45 um
Surface Copper Thickness:21-30μm55/55 um
Surface Copper Thickness:31-40μm75/75 um
Surface Copper Thickness:≥40μm80/80 um
Line Width ToleranceLine Width≤0.050mm±.02mm
0.05mm<Line Width≤0.15mm±20%
Line Width>0.150mm±10%
SilkscreenSilkscreen Character Min Width/Spacing4mil
ImpedanceGreen Solder Mask Thickness Range10~30 μm
Related CapacityDimension Tolerance from Line Edge to Plate Edge±0.25 mm

Drilling & Hole

Width Tolerance of White LineSmooth Place±0.10 mm
Bump Place±0.20 mm
Min Drilling Hole SizeMachine Dril0.100 mm
Min Punching Hole SizeN/A0.50 mm
Complete Hole Size TolerancesPTH±0.050 mm
NPTH±0.025 mm

Surface Treatment

Nickel Gold PlatingNickel Thickness40~ 314U"
Nickel Th±78U"
Gold Thickness1.18U" ~ 40U"
Min Spacing (Golden Finger or Pad)35um
Nickel Gold ImmersionNickel Thickness40 ~ 236 U"
Nickel Th±40U"
Gold Thickness1U" ~ 3 U"
Min Spacing (Golden Finger or Pad)40um
OSPOSP Thicknes6U"~20U"