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Free Prototype and $0 Shipping

● Each qualified user can receive one Free Prototype Coupon with free shipping .

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Free Prototype For Everyone

Make the global electronic product R&D easier and faster!

Upgraded PCB prototyping service is now free for all users!

01.Basic Channels for Free Prototyping

Verified Enterprise Account


Normal User Account


02.Other Channels for Free Prototyping

● Each batch order (> 30 PCS) gets1Free Prototype chance after confirming receipt.

● Each one-stop PCBA order gets2 Free Prototype chances.

Not Only 1-2 Layer PCB, 4 Layers PCB is Supported

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All PCBs are made of A-level material.

More stable, more assured

Free Reliable PCB with Shipping Included

Applicable to All Users

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Terms & Conditions:

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Open a new era of free PCB prototyping!