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ALLPCB 3000㎡ Brand-new SMT factory officially opening!

2020-05-12  ALLPCB Team

May 10, 2020, ALLPCB new SMT factory officially held the opening ceremony!




SMTsurface mount technologyis one of the most popular technologies and processes in the electronic assembly industry. With the rapid development of electronic manufacturing industry, SMT technology has developed rapidly, which has also brought about rapid growth in the mounting needs of customers in East China, South China, and Middle China. In order to meet the needs of customers, the new ALLPCB SMT factory is now located in Guangde, Anhui, with its mounting service extending to the central and eastern regions of China.

There are many problems in SMT industry, such as slow patch cycle, imprecise patch location, uneven quality, and it is difficult to solve the requirements of no error, leakage, and reverse paste required by high quality SMT. ALLPCB SMT factory came into being.

ALLPCB SMT factory is committed to SMT speed prototype, equipped with a 100,000 class clean workshop of 3,000with electrostatic protection and central air conditioning. The factory strictly controls the temperature and humidity of the air in the workshop, so that the patch can be produced and tested in a good environment to guarantee the product quality.

Whether the equipment is excellent directly affects the quality. All the 10 high-speed production lines of SMT factory in ALLPCB adopt the new ASM Siemens series high-speed automatic mounter imported from Germany, which has the qualification of medical treatment, automobile and other fields. And equipped with more than 20 professional machine equipment, including the well-known brand GKG printing machine. 


In addition, online AOI optical scanning and X-ray detection can ensure reliable detection results. In order to achieve high quality and high efficiency, the factory has activated the anti-missing material system and the scientific manufacturing management and control system, and established the linear high-efficiency of production process "raw material storage-production processing-quality inspection-packaging storage-express delivery". 


ALLPCB SMT factory will continue the advantages of fast delivery, good quality and excellent service of ALLPCB PCB factory, and insist on solving the contradictions between customers in terms of time, cost, professionalism and efficiency.

1. Speed. It will be delivered within 6 hours at the earliest and 24 hours regularly.

2. Cost. Free startup fee and urgent fee;

3. Quality. Adopt Senju solder paste, new Germany imported Siemens SMT machine.

4. Service. Provide BOM materials and 7*24 hours online customer service.




In addition, at the beginning of the design, the factory fully considered the requirements of sustainable development and environmental supervision, with advanced technology and strict internal standards to ensure the requirements of green environmental protection and ensure the healthy development of the ecology.


The importance of Chinese manufacturing in the world is growing. The high efficiency of the factory will increase the profit margin for customers and improve the market competitiveness. In the increasingly strict electronic manufacturing industry, SMT technology and process development and reform is inevitable. Higher efficiency, lower cost, and higher precision will be the needs of the manufacturing industry to upgrade in the future.

ALLPCB SMT factory is only 3 kilometers away from PCB factory and component warehouse logistics center. The production of the ALLPCB SMT factory will accelerate the upgrading of PCBA one-stop service, and at the same time further promote the strategic layout of ALLPCB, which will make ALLPCB electronics manufacturing camp gradually grow stronger.


Up to now, ALLPCB has set up its own PCB factory, its own production line of Aluminum PCB, its own component platform and its own SMT factory. The ALLPCB SMT factory contributes to the development of the SMT industry as well as to the rapid development of the electronics manufacturing industry.



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