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Schedule of the Dragon Boat Festival in 2020

2020-06-22  ALLPCB Team

In 2020, the Dragon Boat Festival is comming! It's a monumental day for every Chinese people. At this time,  all employees of ALLPCB wish every friends around the world have a happy day. 

During the holiday time, the holiday date and delivery time of the PCB Factory and SMT factory are as below.

DHL Holiday time: 2020/6/25---2020/6/26

PCB factory:

Holiday date: 2020/6/25

Order confirmed time/Lead time6/226/236/246/256/266/27
1 day lead time6/236/246/276/286/286/28
2 day lead time6/24
3 day lead time6/276/286/296/306/306/30
4 day lead time6/286/296/307/17/17/1
5 day lead time6/296/307/17/27/27/2

PCB Assembly factory:

Holiday date: 2020/6/25-2020/6/26

Order confirmed time/Lead time6/226/236/246/25-6/266/276/28
1 day lead time6/236/246/276/286/286/29
2 day lead time6/246/276/286/296/296/30
3 day lead time6/276/286/296/306/307/1
4 day lead time6/286/296/307/17/17/2
5 day lead time6/296/307/17/27/27/3

Note: *The actual delivery date is subject to the online-quote page.

*The orders need to be paid and confirmed before 6:00 PM, EQ should be checked before 9:00 PM.

In order not to affect your R & D and production, please arrange the production order in advance!

ALLPCB wish everyone in the world have a good time in this happy day!


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