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The Mayor of Guangde, Anhui Province and His Party Visited ALLPCB

2021-04-12  ALLPCB Team

On November 4th, 2020, Wen Ji deputy Party secretary and Mayor of Guangde Anhui province, and Yongguo Zhang, member of the Standing Committee of Guangde Municipal Party Committee and Director of the Administrative Committee of the Economic Development Zone, together with their entourage to check the project construction and enterprise operation on the spot. They visited the ALLPCB assembly factory. Tim, COO of ALLPCB, Dexiang Du, PCB Division VP gave a detailed introduction to them.


Tim and Du accompanied Mayor JI and his party to visit the new factory and production line of ALLPCB, introduced the current scale and production line of the factory, and reported the recent achievements to them.


Mayor JI and his party had a detailed understanding of the production process, equipment, and component warehouse, and affirmed ALLPCB's focus on quality and efficiency. Tim explained ALLPCB's ECMS collaborative intelligent manufacturing system, intelligent production system, and the advanced manufacturing capability of ALLPCB's SMT factory. Mayor JI spoke highly of our work, raised high expectations for ALLPCB's development, and gave valuable suggestions, hoping that ALLPCB creates greater value in the electronics manufacturing industry in the coming future.




ALLPCB Assembly factory officially put into production in August 2020, with 20 advanced SMT production lines and DIP lines enable to produce one million sets of consumer electronics and related application products annually. ALLPCB has the core technology of IOT, such as transformation, R&D, and product manufacturing. We can provide customers with a full set of integrated EMS services such as SMT, mold processing, injection molding, assembly, testing, etc. and establish a "raw materials receiving - production processing - quality inspection - packaging - in stock - delivery" efficient production process, to secure quality and efficient production.



The Mayor’s visiting is of great significance to ALLPCB. ALLPCB members are encouraged by the city government's attention to high-tech enterprises. 

We would like to thank the Guangde government for its care and support for ALLPCB. In the future, ALLPCB will continue to exploit its advantages, strengthen the employment of local people, and contribute to the development of the local economy. We will work together and cooperate with each other to help build the "N+1" industrial Internet paradigm and collaborative manufacturing ecological community!




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