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Holiday Notice:
ALLPCB factory will be closed from October 01, 2020 to October 03, 2020 for National Day. You can place order as usual, but delivery time may be adjusted. See details.


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Accelerated Designs focuses on providing Electronic Component Manufacturers and Engineers with vendor-neutral data for ECAD design, simulation and 3D modeling. The flagship product of Accelerated Designs is the Ultra Librarian, which creates and exports vendor-neutral ECAD data in a format that can be consumed by over 22 different CAD tools. With the Ultra Librarian, automation is key – build your component accurately one time, and export to the CAD tool(s) of your choice! We also provide the industry’s largest library of pre-built ECAD components – currently at 7.2 million parts and growing monthly. This library represents over 400 manufacturers, and 82% of these components have the ability to dynamically create 3D STEP models. With Part Packs available in two different sizes or a yearly subscription, you can get all of the component data you need!

Accelerated Designs offers the fastest & most accurate library management tool in the printed circuit board industry. Our goal is to provide a one-stop source of data for all CAD design, simulation, 3D modeling and other engineering data in a form that is completely customizable to meet your company’s requirements as well as fulfill your clients’ needs.


● Automated and Manual Footprint, Symbol and 3D Model Creation

● Access to Database of Pre-Built Library Parts that export to most CAD formats

● Integrated Verification System throughout

● Component Database System

● Footprint Database System

● Component Intelligence


Ultra Librarian